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Agar-agar Original

Enjoy a yummy treat that is versatile and easy to prepare.

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Agar-agar Rose

With a smooth texture and sweet fragrance, this delicious treat tastes great and is easy to prepare.

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Agar-agar Pandan

With its aromatic flavour, this delicious dessert is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

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Crystal Jelly Strawberry

Perfect for use as snack or dessert.

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Crystal Jelly Blackcurrant

Perfect for use as snack or dessert.

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Crystal Jelly Orange

Perfect for use as snack or dessert.

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Konnyaku Jelly Kiwi

This easy-to-prepare mix offers a sweet and tangy burst of flavour.

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Konnyaku Jelly Peach

Enjoy a tasty snack with a sweet peach flavour.

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Konnyaku Jelly Lychee

This mix is sure to please with its sweet lychee taste and great, chewy texture.

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Konnyaku Jelly Original

With its smooth texture and great chewy taste, this is a perfect treat for a hot day.

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Konnyaku Jelly Orange

Get a yummy zesty burst of flavour with a great chewy texture.

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Pudding Grape

Taste the berry-licious grape flavour - a great snack for any time of the day.

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Pudding Honey Dew

Enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of honey dew.

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Pudding Mango

Savour the rich tropical sweetness of mangoes.

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Dadih Yam

Enjoy the yammy-licious flavour and smooth, silky texture.

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Dadih Mix Fruit

Get a fruitilicious boost at any time.

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Dadih Chocolate

A mouth-watering dessert with a delicious chocolaty flavour and silky smooth texture.

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Dadih Mango

Savour the aromatic sweetness of the mango in a soft, smooth and silky texture.

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Dadih Corn

Experience a delicious burst of sweet and juicy with this tasty treat.

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Dadih Chocolate Vanilla

Enjoy the best of two classic flavours in one yummy treat.

Easy, Delicious & Refreshing

Make jellies a staple dessert in your home with Dr. Oetker Nona's range of jellies. Bursting with delicious flavours, these oldies but goodies is tasty and refreshing with good bloom strength.