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Chockfull of protein, fibre, calcium, zinc and antioxidants, these tasty nuts pack a punch.

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Almond Strips

Get a wonderful nutritional boost with these conveniently sliced almonds.

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Almond Flakes

Delicately shaved into flakes, these are perfect for adding to your favourite recipes to get a rich, nutty flavour.

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Almond Nibs

Crunchy and flavourful, these are a perfect addition for baking, cooking, salads or even ice-cream.

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Ground Almond

The fine consistency makes it perfect for adding texture and flavour to your cakes, muffins, cookies or wafers.

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A good source of protein, iron and healthy fats, hazelnuts provide a distinctive flavour that makes them the perfect complement for rich cakes and cookies.

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Ground Hazelnut

Get an unbeatable crunch with a rich, flavourful taste with these nutrition-packed hazelnuts.

Get Nutty-licious!

Incorporating nuts in your baking can add interesting flavours and textures to enhance your masterpiece. Dr. Oetker Nona's almond and hazelnut products are sealed in aluminium foil to ensure their freshness. Choose from our range of nuts today.