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All varieties
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Mug Cake Chocolate

Dr. Oetker Nona Mug Cake is an easy, quick and delicious chocolate cake mix ready in under 1 minute.

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Mug Cake Chocolate Banana

Dr. Oetker Nona Mug Cake is an easy, quick and delicious chocolate banana cake mix ready in under 1 minute.

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Mug Cake Mocha

Dr. Oetker Nona Mug Cake is an easy, quick and delicious mocha cake mix ready in under 1 minute.

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Brownies Marble

Go for all-out luxury with these gooey, moreish marbled brownies.

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Brownies Original

A premium chocolate taste with that melts-in-your-mouth texture makes this an irresistible treat.

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Brownies Double Chocolate

Get double the fun and chocolaty goodness with this rich and satisfying goodie.

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Brownies Dark Chocolate

Indulge in the rich delicious taste of dark chocolate – just the right thing for the chocolate lover in you!

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Luxury Moist Cake Chocolate

Filled with rich chocolaty taste, the classic flavour is set to be a firm favourite with everybody.

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Luxury Moist Cake Double Chocolate

Get your double dose of perfection with this dense and rich chocolate cake that it is positively delicious.

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Luxury Moist Cake Dark Chocolate

Indulge your dark side with this mix which is packed with the sophisticated bitter sweet flavours of dark chocolate.

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Luxury Moist Cake Pandan

Savour the soft, velvety texture and rich pandan scent - a delicious combination that is sure to be a favourite with family and friends.

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Luxury Moist Cake Vanilla

The creamy texture, rich taste and sweet flavourful fragrance offer an irresistible combination.

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Butter Cake Marble

Savour the wonderfully rich flavour of this soft, buttery treat.

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Butter Cake Original

This velvety, golden treat is a simple yet delicious classic that is great for any occasion.

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Butter Cake Chocolate

The buttery taste adds a richness and depth that intensifies the fabulous chocolate flavour, making this an unforgettable dessert.

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Sponge Cake Vanilla

The rich and sweet vanilla fragrance makes a deliciously versatile base that you can enhance as you wish or just eat on its own.

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Sponge Cake Chocolate

With its fluffy texture and timeless chocolaty taste, this yummy delight is sure to make its way into everybody’s heart – and stomach!

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Pancakes Original

Enjoy the wonderful flavour of warm and wholesome pancakes on your table.

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Pancakes Chocolate

Adds a richness and depth that intensifies that fabulously rich chocolate flavour, making this an unforgettable dessert.

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Pancakes Pandan

The aromatic fragrance of the pandan is the perfect complement to the fluffy texture of this delicious delight.

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Pancakes Blueberry

Bite into the warm fluffy goodness of this sweet treat with blueberry flavour.

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Pancakes Buttermilk

The soft, buttery texture and sweet aroma makes this classic staple a well-loved favourite for the family.

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Muffins Vanilla

Fluffy and flavourful with the rich fragrance of vanilla, this is a deliciously memorable classic for any home.

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Muffins Chocolate

A fabulously rich chocolate flavour wrapped in a perfect combination of warm, moist and tasty.

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Muffins Blueberry

This great breakfast treat is a fruitilicious combination of sweet and tangy with blueberry taste.

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Cupcakes Vanilla

A light texture and perfect rise make this treat great for decorations or even to eat on its own!

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A scrumptious pastry that is just the right degree of crumbly, combined with a rich buttery taste.

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Donuts Original

The Dr. Oetker Nona Donuts Original mix offers a fun, easy and tasty way for you to enjoy fresh, warm and delicious donuts.

Delicious Taste. Delightful Convenience.

Fast, convenient and easy to use, our baking mixes are a great addition to your pantry. Made from quality ingredients and offered in a variety of flavours, these are perfect for making yummy brownies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, cookies, tarts and donuts that everybody will love.

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